Nociones Comunes/Common Notions

A space for self-education, militant research, and strategical thinking.



An Activist-Research Workshop Series
New York City. April-May 2017. 
Saturdays, 2pm at Starr Bar

What. Description. Purpose. Outcomes.
This workshop series tries to open a space for a collective process of thinking about how these ideas could be translated into the US and NYC context, especially given the complex conjuncture opened by the beginning of the Trump administration.


PURpose & Concept

The goal of this seminar is two-fold. On the one hand, to provide a space for encounter and discussion regarding the potentials and possibilities of a municipalist initiative in NYC. As a seminar, it tries to spark a shared production of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, between activists, academics, and interested individuals. But besides its pedagogic character as a space for knowledge exchange and production, the seminar is intended as an opportunity for achieving some practical, concrete goals. 

First, the development of the seminar itself, throughout its sessions, should be thought as an strategic discussion and organizational process. That is: workshops and sessions are intended to provide general knowledge about municipalism as an idea, its traditions in the US, very much in the vein of an academic seminar. But at the same time, the space is intended as a practical opportunity to explore NYC—particularly its realities as immigration, gentrification, and its political potentialities—as well as collectively mapping out the city’s political landscape, its institutions and administrative structures, and political actors (potential allies and adversaries). In doing so, each session will bring together the presence of organizers, activists, etc. coming from various social and political organizations in NYC, so the series can provide an opportunity for dialogue towards a movement building process. 

Second, the outcome of the seminar is eminently practical: the goal is to generate a document (a charter, a manifesto, a series of points) that could include: 
• A collective diagnosis of the city’s main problems:  
• An analysis of the city’s political landscape
• An assessment of the practical approaches, language and steps to build a platform for a potential municipalist initiative or political entity (not necessarily electoral) in NYC.