CareNotes: A Journal of Health Autonomy

Care Notes

Care Notes is a powerful collection of first hand accounts of concrete alternatives that are replacing our need for police and prisons based on the collective power of communities and care workers. These reflections have merged from within and beyond healthcare institutions. 


About the Author

CareNotes is a collective of care workers who are organizing for health autonomy.



From the Book: The Role of Care Workers in Social Justice Movements

Intensifying inequality and violence has heightened the need for support—extending from emotional, physical, health, housing, food, legal, etc. Yet those of us who are excluded from the basic right to housing, health, food, and so many other needs, are vilified. And the efforts of care workers committed to our general well-being (educators, legal, healthcare, farm workers, social workers) are also devalued due to an endless “fiscal crisis.”
Despite the continued violence of the state and private sector, efforts to protect our bodies and environment continue to emerge from those of us left with no other means of sustaining daily life. The challenge is imagining how to expand these practices while withstanding the risks of cooption, state violence, and emotional as well as financial burden.

One strategy is recognizing the central role of care workers, youth, mothers, elderly, the “pathologized”, migrants, the LGBT community. . . in creating sites of counterpower where we can collectively defend and care for one another while resisting the violence of capitalist life. Such a desire has the potential to liberate space and time, to transform workflows within and beyond traditional care spaces (clinics, schools), and link with networks previously separated by geography, profession, race. . . 



Authors: Care Notes Collective
Publisher: Common Notions
Release: Spring 2019
Format: Paperback
Size: 5 X 7
Page count: 192
Subjects:  Care / Autonomy / Social Movements