ΔΙΠΛΗ [DIPLI (/dip’li/): literally: double (from Greek)]: The double telephone line is the way prisoners from different prisons communicate. Two to five prisoners from different prisons call the same telephone number at an arranged time. The owner of that telephone number, living outside prison, connects them together.

ΔΙΠΛΗ is a Common Notions imprint on social cannibalism. Funds raised go to political prisoners.

Social cannibalism is represents the lowest level of individualism of a fragmented society in which people, individually or in small groups, oppress and exploit others in their immediate social environment and within the confines of their daily action. Social cannibalism does not manifest itself immediately and completely but develops incrementally. It builds on existing social–class hierarchies, divisions and manipulations.

The term social cannibalism has been used by Greek anarchists in since 2011. Both the term and phenomenon of social cannibalism has spread; it is a contradiction (people that denounce violence accept it against those separated from them when executed by those connected to them); a pattern (parts of the proletariat face off against one another by turning oppression on oneself into stigmatization of the other); and continental context of austerity, crisis, and struggle (the Greek-Government Debt Crisis/Eurozone Crisis is homogenized according to nationality and moralized, internalized into guilt of one's worth as a person through the relationship between self and other, the shared representations of action, emotions, and the body).

The imprint aims to account for both the recent cycle of struggle in Greece (the defeat of the anti-memorandum mobilizations) and global capitalist restructuring today. 

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